Birth Story

Posted on 8 November 2018

Life is what happens while you make plans. My plan was to have a natural home water birth. I had to reassess that plan when at 35 weeks I had a sudden increase in amniotic fluid which is also known as polyhydramnios. I was getting bigger at an excessive rate. I could literally feel stretch marks developing over night. The excess fluid meant that I was at a higher risk of having a cord prolapse during labour. A hospital birthRead More

Laundromats and Pregnancy Tests

Posted on 18 January 2017

A year ago we found out I was pregnant with Ivy. I had started suspecting I was pregnant for about a week and found myself waiting it out until I could no longer silence that nagging voice in my head telling me to take a pregnancy test. In my infinite wisdom I decided I didn’t want to bring it to my husbands attention until I was certain, but it’s not easy being secretive when you live in a 20m2 flat,Read More

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