The war we all fight

Posted on 13 November 2017

Two years ago my rebirth began. My husband and I were working Friday November 13, 2015 when we found ourselves in the midst of the Paris attacks. Since that day, there have been 13 Islamic related terrorist attacks in Europe and 12 in the United States. It’s a strange thing being classified as a survivor. Witnessing death changes you and witnessing massacre does a number on you. In the aftermath, people unite to mourn, thoughts and prayers are sent outRead More

Sutro on la Seine 

Posted on 31 August 2017

    Being a young mother comes with a huge new set of challenges, but those challenges don’t erase the built in challenges of being a woman or really just human. They just sort of make themselves at home squarely on top of all the other _ like a cat on top of freshly folded laundry. These truths form the foundation of why I’m so grateful for an old go-to in footwear and the new friendship I have with MehranRead More


Posted on 9 November 2016


Posted on 9 November 2016

Ivy was conceived in Northern California thanks to copious amounts of Lagunitas beer and the insatiable love I have for her father. 41 weeks later, she was born in Paris on September 20th, 2016.In the days following her birth, I remember looking down at this perfect baby girl and thinking:                                                              Read More

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