Wind-Breakers and Wilde


Philosophies fall away like sand, and creeds follow one another like the withered leaves of Autumn. – Oscar Wilde

The temperatures are dropping drastically, the sun is fading faster and Parisians are putting away their crop tops and cutoffs to make room for sweaters and scarves. Autumn has hit full-force here in France.

The transition of seasons is set in stone. Still, this year takes on new meaning for me. What was beautiful for Ivy at 5 months will be impossible for her at 17months. This truth comes with other honest demands of a girl who is trying sort things out on a closet level. What do I really need? What is meaningful to me and what is born out of a sense of fun for fun’s sake? In the whirlwind of all these genuine concerns I stumbled upon a jacket my husband had picked up a few years ago at a thrift store on rue Reaumur Sebastopol. Despite the fact that this bomber jacket has no excuse to be a part of a human being’s “practical wardrobe”, it presented a great opportunity to play with an unconventional piece as I suffer the difficult task of an expansive wardrobe edit. In keeping with the seasonal theme of transition and the levity of playfulness I thought I would toughen up the whole assemble with the proletariate punctuation that is a black Carhartt beanie.

Cleaning house and natural transition are the prefect moments for jazzing up an outfit with things that can’t stand the test of time all by themselves, but, with all this noise, I chose to stay basic. I paired it all with black jeans. I threw in my Dr. Martens Shalom heels (which I strongly recommend if you’re like me and suck at walking in heels) to add a little edge. If you have a similar oddity somewhere in your closet , dig it out, try it on and see if you can’t breath some life back into it. I personally forgot what a great piece this could be.

Clear skies and tale winds,


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