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Being a young mother comes with a huge new set of challenges, but those challenges don’t erase the built in challenges of being a woman or really just human. They just sort of make themselves at home squarely on top of all the other _ like a cat on top of freshly folded laundry. These truths form the foundation of why I’m so grateful for an old go-to in footwear and the new friendship I have with Mehran Esmaili and Nooshin Ansarinia of Sutro Footwear out of good ole SF.

I must come clean here, one of my true talents in life is finding new and innovative ways of selling myself on a new pair of shoes! I can elaborately imagine exact circumstances where a pair of calf-hair, leopard print Loafers or gold leather topped wooden clogs are not only ideal but necessary!

However, when raising a little girl with my husband in a 40 meter squared apt in Paris ( a city in which we walk nearly everywhere ) practical beats pomp and limited space beats having a shoe closet. This is where Sutro saves my day, but to be honest they were doing that long before I dreamed of my family or my life in France!

I fell in love with my first pair in 2013 in the Shoe Biz shop on Haight St in San Francisco. At the time of purchase they were another precious shoe among shoes, but within a year they where saving my feet every night as I tended bar in wine country. They were on the floor by the bed when my husband and I were falling in love (wink). By 2015, I was standing in them for hours drafting patterns in Paris at fashion school, and at the end of the day I was one of the only students not changing out of sneakers before hitting the runway that is a walk home in the city of lights.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, motherhood brings a new set of challenges to life: Hauling your treasure of a child around in whatever mood they find themselves every few seconds, looking in the mirror everyday wondering whose body your actually looking at, cleaning up messes you’d never have guessed were possible, etc etc etc. Still challenges are in many ways the stuff of life, and our lives are in many ways a collection of how we overcame them.

A beautiful pair of boots, a new and growing relationship with a pair of honest, inspired and driven owners/artisans, a chance to rock a look past sneakers as a pre baby body returns… the truest things are in acts of love, and the art of those acts is in the details. These are my latest details .

Hugs & Bisous



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