Wearing My Little Wild Bird 

In an effort to recover from many sleep-scarce nights, the past few weeks have been filled with copious amounts of coffee and baby-wearing. Ivy is acutely alert and taking in so much information during the day. Consequently, her brain has a hard time shutting down for naps during the day or to sleep at night. She mastered rolling over, and, was saaahhhh excited, she kept waking herself up.

Thus, I’ve gone back to baby-wearing Ivy more frequently. I purchased my Wildbird linen ring sling a month ago. Since receiving it, life has presented a lot less pushback. It’s such a game changer for me to be able to carry her around in the sling and have my hands free (especially when I am home alone while my husband is at work). I can finally do dishes again (yay?), cook for myself (yay?), and above all else I have access to the greatest gift a new mother could have, options (very definitely yay). Our daily outings are much more intimate and infinitely easier now. I don’t have to navigate cobblestones with the stroller. I can take the metro without relying on the kindness of strangers to overcomes staircases. I can pop into boutiques without worrying about knocking over displays. It seriously makes all of the difference in my day-to-day life with baby.

My first Wildbird sling was Raven. It is a gorgeous, black, single-linen sling with gold hardware. While I love my linen, they offer myriad options of textiles, colors and metals. Still, beyond everything you can do to personalize your sling, the fact that I can use it well into toddlerhood excites me the most. It’s been mildly traumatic seeing so many new things come and go as Ivy has grown so much over the past few months. Any new mother knows exactly what I’m talking about. It seems the second you fall in love with a garment or product it quickly becomes  as obsolete as a year old iPhone.

One of my favorite things is how easy it is for all of us breastfeeding mamas. The sling allows you to comfortably nurse in pretty much any situation and provides you with total privacy. I swear people don’t even notice Ivy is nursing when I am wearing her. She had a three course meal on line 3 between metros Gambetta and Republique earlier today without scandalizing anyone!

With a Wildbird ring sling you have the option of choosing between four different carries. All of which are explained here in short comprehensive video tutorials.

Tummy to tummy( feet in or out), 


hip ( Sorry folks, I save this carry for mornings when I am still in my underwear)
back ( haven’t tried this one yet)

I was gifted a Boba wrap carrier and a Baba sling before getting my Wildbird. I never got the hang of the Boba (it was too complex for me to use by myself). The Baba sling worked better, but I wasn’t a fan of it aesthetically. Also, I still had adjustment issues with it to the point that I would favor using the stroller to avoid the hassle.

Now that I have my trusty Wildbird, I wear Ivy all the time. She loves it. I’ve hooked a toy to the rings that she can play with when being carried… perfect!

This sling has become our go-to when I am having a hard time getting her to calm down or sleep as well as it is a part of our everyday. Being aesthetically pleasing, I don’t feel like it’s taking away from outfit choices. As a mum you’re constantly compromising; forgoing the mascara, throwing a cardigan over your puke stained shirt, rocking the 3day mom bun to hide your dirty hair. It is empowering to have something that liberates you from a tacky stereotype of “new mom” without giving up a second’s opportunity to snuggle your baby. For any of us in the trenches, navigating the privledge that is parenting, it’s always worthwhile sharing stories and advice. I hope there is some help tucked somewhere in my words!:)

Post. Script: Did I mention how good daddy looks wearing his baby?

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